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Newest Book Released on Tuesday: Business Transformation: A Path to Profit for In-Plant Facilities

We officially released my latest book in my “Business Transformation” series on Tuesday. Business Transformation: A Path to Profit for In-Plant Facilities focuses on how in-plant facilities can expand their traditional services to set themselves up to thrive in the future.

Generously printed by Canon U.S.A., Inc., my latest book asks the questions; what does it mean to be an in-plant marketing service provider? How does an organization become more than just an in-plant printer? How is our organization’s infrastructure going to change? and more.

I am very excited to get this book out there to members of in-plant facilities. Many in-plants are capable of transforming their business if they have the right tools and plan in place. It’s a big step, but I believe my book provides a comprehensive plan for a successful transformation.

In this in-depth and insightful guide to transformation, I clarify what it means to be a marketing service provider, how to transform your in-plant facility, what type of personnel adjustments are necessary and most importantly, how to successfully market your new services to your audience.

in plantEquipped with a full online resource center, Business Transformation: A Path to Profit for In-Plant Facilities, provides in-plants with everything they need to undertake a successful transformation.

Approximately 150 attendees at the 2015 IPMA Conference received a signed, early-edition copy. Anyone interested in a copy of the early edition of Business Transformation: A Path to Profit for In-Plant Facilities, is encouraged to visit Copies will be distributed as they are available.


Purchase John’s Other Books in the Business Transformation series on

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interlinkONE Announces Updates To Its QReate & Track Product

May 1, 2013 – Wilmington, MA – QReate & Track, the QR code generating and tracking software created by interlinkONE, is announcing the biggest enhancement package to date.

“These updates are going to be a terrific benefit to our QReate & Track customers,” said John Foley, Jr., founder and CEO of interlinkONE. “The software has made it so easy to build and manage QR code campaigns, and now they have more capabilities than ever before.”

QReate & Track customers will immediately see the new user-friendly interface when they log in. This is followed by the ability to create and build bulk QR codes for v-cards, as well as the tracking capabilities for them.

“Scan a QR code with your smartphone, and the contact informationMB2-867contained in them will go directly to your contacts,” said Foley. “Now, you can upload a file of names to QReate & Track, and have unique QR codes generated for all of them.”

QReate & Track is the tool businesses need to dive head first into the mobile marketing game. The tool allows users to:

  • Easily generate QR codes and track QR scans in real-time through reporting dashboards
  • Track the number of QR scans, location of a scan, type of device used, and more
  • Measure the results. This data is essential in assessing the success of a QR code campaign.

“QR codes enable mobile users to jump from printed materials to online content within seconds,” said Foley. “This helps you to drive traffic to your site, strengthen brand awareness, and make it easy for people to connect with your company.”

interlinkONE is also offering a free White Paper to those interested in learning more about QR codes and mobile marketing, it can be downloaded at

To get started with QReate & Track today, visit


About QReate and Track: For companies looking to generate QR Codes quickly and efficiently with no technical knowledge necessary, QReate and Track is the perfect solution. The QR code is produced in a 300 DPI, hi-res file with customizations available for colors and images. These codesEC0-232can be used on posters, mailers, billboards, brochures, and countless other materials. There are no limitations to how creatively they can be used. They’re trackable, measurable and a great solution to round out service repertoires.

Media Contact: Donna Vieira, VP of Marketing, interlinkONE.

A Free White Paper!

How can you catch the attention of busy, mobile consumers? How can you get them to respond to offers before the opportunity is lost? The answer is quick response codes, or QR codes for short.

You’ve seen them before. They look like black-and-white puzzles or games boards. You may have seen them in magazine advertisements, on billboards, or on the backs of business cards. Although QR codes are typically in black-and-white, they can be created in color, too. They can even include your company logo.

Viewing QR codes is simple. Simply point your mobile phone camera toward the code, snap a picture, and the software on your phone decodes the image. (On some phones, QR code readers come pre-installed. Others require you to download them.) Instantly, you are directed to a website or a landing page. Or you might be presented with a special coupon offer or see a special text message

No need to write down anything or type in URLs by hand. Just stop, scan, and view.

Imagine the possibilities.

Download my free white paper on QR Codes to get everything you need to know about the busy, mobile consumer.

Click here to get your copy!

Boston Strong

On April 15, at approximately 2:50 pm EST, two bombs exploded in rapid succession on Boylston Street, near the finish line of the 116th Boston Marathon. 20 minutes north, my team at interlinkONE and Grow Socially could only watch helplessly as the city we know and love was rocked by senseless

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acts of terrorism, on a day known for international sportsmanship and good will. Some of our team members, myself included, were in Boston to enjoy Patriots” Day and to take in the festivities. One of the truly great Bostonian traditions was targeted, and unspeakable horror was wrought in our midst. Our nation has endured these dark days before. And through the chaos and smoke, we must – we will – find normalcy. The operations of our company will resume today, just as they always have. Our way of life will not be altered. A thank you must be sent to the Boston Police Department, Boston Fire Department, mobile casino National Guard, volunteers, and heroic bystanders who sprung to action when duty called. It makes us proud to call ourselves Bostonians. We will pick up our fallen neighbors in their time of need. Our prayers and thoughts have remained firmly in Copley Square since this news broke. The images have been unsettling, but the spirit and resolve of Boston have been unwavering. Now, normalcy is making its return to our home. Justice is prevailing and those responsible have been found. In a time when words fail, I”d like to sum up my note here with one picture. One moving, powerful image, taken in our hometown of Wilmington, where Officer Sean Collier was greeted by thousands of friends, family and fellow law enforcement officials. We take care of our own.

  John Foley, Jr.

Connect, Sustain and Build With Social Media

Social media is an outstanding tool for businesses – large and small alike.

However, one thing I see over and over again is the false notion that simply having a social media presence is enough to widen the sales funnel and boost profits overnight.

At this year’s LPIA Innovation Conference, I will be speaking about what you actually need to do in order to grow your business with social media.  I am thrilled to be afforded this opportunity because social media for business – your business – is something I truly believe in.

 Presentation Preview

During this presentation, which is entitled “Connect, Build, Sustain: Growing Your  Business with Social Media“, I will shed light on the importance of understanding how your target audience uses social media.

This includes items such as:

  • Knowing what networks they use
  • Knowing when they use them
  • Knowing how they use them

I will also discuss ways that you can drive traffic from your social networks to your website. This is a key step that many companies miss — but that is an essential step for generating leads and sales!

Social media, search engine optimization, website design, strategic plans and tactics all are necessary cogs in your business machine.

After my presentation, you will be equipped with actionable ideas and practical advice borne from successful case studies.

 Are You Ready To Move Forward?

Social media, despite its inherently creative appearance and perception, very much needs a hard and fast plan behind it.

I cannot stress enough the importance of a carefully crafted plan fleshed out to best benefit your company. Your accounts will need to be updated regularly with engaging, educational and inspiring content. A sports car is no good if there is no gas in the tank.

Social media can, and will, work for you.

I hope to see you at my session at this year’s LPIA Innovation Conference to get you started on the path to profit.

I promise that when I’m done, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to start connecting, building, and sustaining success through online marketing efforts.

My presentation is scheduled for Friday, November 9th at 2:15 PM.

Follow me on Twitter @johnfoleyjr!

Click here for more information on the event >>






Printers: Find Success in a Multi-Channel World

Graphic Arts Magazine is hosting the Printing Survivor 2012 event. Our CEO John Foley, Jr. will be speaking on the topic of Finding Success in a Multi-Channel World.

As the world of marketing and communications continues to adapt to a multi-channel, multi-device approach, print service providers have certainly found that the old way of doing business needs to updated.

This week, I will have the chance to share strategies, tactics, and ideas to help printers to that successfully!

Join Me casino online at Printing Survivor 2012

On Thursday, September 2oth, I will be one of the speakers at the Printing Survivor 2012 event in Toronto.

This will be my second consecutive year at this event, which is hosted by Graphic Arts Magazine in Canada.

The title of my presentation this year is “Finding Success in a Multi-Channel World.

I will provide an overview of how the world of marketing and communications is changing. But more importantly, I will provide strategies and revenue opportunities that printers can follow to grow their business in a multi-channel world.

Yes, I still believe in the power of print. But I will stress the importance of paying attention to areas such as:

  • Online Marketing
  • One-to-One Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Mobile and Interactive Print (including QR Codes and mobile websites)
  • And more!

All attendees will leave my presentation with actionable insight and ideas that they can use to grow their business.

Additional Details

There are a number of other great speakers at this event that attendees will be able to learn from.

This includes Joe Truncale of NAPL, Peter Muir of Bizucate, and Jay Mandarino of C.J. Graphics.

The Printing Survivor 2012 event will be held at the Paradise Convention Centre in Concord, ON.

For more information, visit the official Printing Survivor 2012 event here >>


Navigate to Tomorrowland: Join Me at Printlandia

Join our CEO John Foley, Jr. as he delivers multiple presentations at the upcoming PPI Regional Conference: Printlandia! I am quite excited to share the news that I’ll be attending and speaking at Printlandia! What is Printlandia? Well, it’s actually the name of this year’s PPI Regional Conference. This conference is being held from September 14th through the 16th at the Embassy Suites in Downtown Portland, Oregon. It is being promoted as a “a weekend of networking, education, inspiration & epic events around the future of print communications”… and after looking at the schedule and agenda, I absolutely agree that this conference will deliver on all of those fronts! Here are the details of the presentations that I’ll be delivering:

Title: How Inbound Marketing Can Work For You

Description: No matter what your business objectives may be — whether it’s to attract new prospects, increase customer loyalty, generate more awareness and demand, etc. – inbound marketing tactics can help you to achieve your goals. During this presentation, I will provide actionable insight and ideas to help you effectively build, manage, execute, and measure, inbound marketing initiatives. I will share best practices for improving your website design and your social media and SEO efforts.

Title: Make Money from Mobile

Description: Mobile technology is changing the way that people communicate and consume information. Devices such as smartphones and tablets are having a dramatic effect on everything from marketing, to sales, to customer support, this great event! There are a number of other tremendous speaker on the agenda, including Peter Muir, Joe Marin, and Gerry Michael. I hope to see you at Printlandia as we navigate tomorrowland! Click here for more information on this event >>

Are You Ready to Reach The Mobile Audience?



Content Marketing World: John Foley, Jr. will be speaking!

Over on the iFlyMobi blog, Jason Pinto recently talked about the growing relationship between a mobile website and a consumer’s purchasing path.

After seeing the statistics in that article, I’m sure that many businesses will realize that they must increase their efforts to create mobile-optimized versions of their key online content.

If you are wondering how that can be done, there are certainly options available.

These might include:

  • Building a unique mobile website
  • Using a plug-in
  • Implementing responsive design
  • And more…

Which option is right for you?

If you’d like to know the answer, then I’d like to encourage you to come hear my presentation at Content Marketing World >>

On Tuesday, September 6th at 10:30am, I will be delivering the presentation “Mobile and Tablet Content Distribution“.

Presentation Highlights

During this session, I will cover items such as:

  • How to develop a strategy to reach your mobile audience
  • Options for building mobile websites, landing pages, blogs, and more
  • Best practices for integrating mobile with other distribution channels, such as print and email
  • Considerations regarding building a mobile App vs. a mobile website

For more information on attending Content Marketing World, visit the conference website today >>


Customer Testimonial: H & H Fulfillment

I am quite happy to be able to share the video below with you.

It features Mike Williams of H & H Fulfillment, who is an interlinkONE customer.

Mike was kind enough to share his thoughts on camera regarding working with us. He covers everything from our software to our staff.

I am certainly grateful to Mike and the entire team at H & H Fulfillment for taking the time to put this video together! As the CEO of interlinkONE, I am of course proud of our software solutions and employees.

But it always means that much more when I hear those thoughts from the mouth of a customer!

H & H Graphics Group logo: They utilize interlinkONE's Order Fulfillment and Warehouse Management software.