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Newest Book Released on Tuesday: Business Transformation: A Path to Profit for In-Plant Facilities

We officially released my latest book in my “Business Transformation” series on Tuesday. Business Transformation: A Path to Profit for In-Plant Facilities focuses on how in-plant facilities can expand their traditional services to set themselves up to thrive in the future.

Generously printed by Canon U.S.A., Inc., my latest book asks the questions; what does it mean to be an in-plant marketing service provider? How does an organization become more than just an in-plant printer? How is our organization’s infrastructure going to change? and more.

I am very excited to get this book out there to members of in-plant facilities. Many in-plants are capable of transforming their business if they have the right tools and plan in place. It’s a big step, but I believe my book provides a comprehensive plan for a successful transformation.

In this in-depth and insightful guide to transformation, I clarify what it means to be a marketing service provider, how to transform your in-plant facility, what type of personnel adjustments are necessary and most importantly, how to successfully market your new services to your audience.

in plantEquipped with a full online resource center, Business Transformation: A Path to Profit for In-Plant Facilities, provides in-plants with everything they need to undertake a successful transformation.

Approximately 150 attendees at the 2015 IPMA Conference received a signed, early-edition copy. Anyone interested in a copy of the early edition of Business Transformation: A Path to Profit for In-Plant Facilities, is encouraged to visit Copies will be distributed as they are available.


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How To Teach Your Audience About QR Codes

When you are in the thick of all things marketing, staying on top of the latest in mobile marketing and how to interconnect your print and online media, it’s easy to forget that your average consumer does not stay on top of such things.

Here are some tips on how to teach your target market how to use QR codes so you can have a successful QR code campaign in the future.

  • Get your audience over any fear they might have. By providing them information, you are showing that you are reliable and trustworthy.
  • Start simple and remember that different people learn differently. Offer your instructions in different formats. Create a white paper or a series of blog posts for those in your audience who like to read step by step directions. Create a downloadable audio file with those same step by step instructions for those who like to listen, especially on the go. And then don’t forget to employ some videos that show everything broken down into steps.
  • Don’t assume you are dumbing things down too much. By creating your instructions in a series of blog posts and videos, your users can pick and choose what they want to read or watch. So they can skip over anything that is too simplistic. But don’t make assumptions that your target market knows how to do even the most basic of things. Not everyone knows they need a scanning app.
  • Make your videos and blog posts readily accessible. Don’t let them get buried under newer offerings. It’s okay to promote them every so often to remind your audience that you can virtually walk them through the process of getting a scanning app on their mobile device, how to scan that app and what to do from there.
  • Stay on top of QR code news and share with your audience.

We post about QR codes we find in everyday life, on mailers, at the store, you name it. It shows that we keep our fingers on the pulse of how others are using QR codes, when they’re working and when they’re not.

And a great side benefit is that while you are sharing with your audience and helping them to learn more ways on how QR codes can bring them discounts, information and more, you are also learning some great marketing techniques (or maybe learning from the failures) yourself.

Mobile marketing doesn’t end with QR Codes. They are only the beginning.

Snub that Snooty

QR Codes and wine It’s a table in the corner… there’s candlelight… your hands touch… now it’s time to order the perfect wine to go with the perfect dinner.

And here he comes, the sommelier. Snooty, intimidating, wearing that funny little flat cup on a chain around his neck…

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Who does he think he is, anyway – some kind of expert?

While the sommelier is indeed the wine expert, sometimes you need just a little more information and a little less intimidation when it comes to selecting the wine.

See those little codes next to each entrée on the menu? That’s your “virtual sommelier” – QR codes that will make your selection fun and informative.

Chances are – about 50/50, actually – you have a smart phone handy. After all, 90% of American adults have a mobile and nearly half of those are smart phones.

Let’s see – fancy the beef tonight? Scan the code and your browser will take you to a YouTube video. Ah, a friendly face! A quick explanation – why red is best with beef – and some selections you might choose from. Easy!

Or perhaps, fish? Another code, another video; an explanation and some suggestions.

When the sommelier finally comes back to the table, you’ll sound like an expert when your order the wine. Perfect choice… and perfect pronunciation! Congratulations!

Do It Yourself for Restaurateurs

How to apply this in real life?

  • Get out your mini-cam and record your wine expert offering instructions on selecting the perfect wine with each of your entrees.
  • Publish the videos on YouTube.
  • Use the YouTube link to make QR code labels to add to your menu at QReateAndTrack. (A deep burgundy red would be a nice color, don’t you think?)
  • Stand back and watch your customers learn more and buy more.

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Do You Know Where Your Cheese Comes From?

Cheese --- and QR Codes?

Cheese, cheese, beautiful cheese… It’s a living food made of milk and bacteria. Good bacteria. Microbes and enzymes in the cheese transform the texture and flavors of the cheese as it ages. That aging can last several days or several years.

Additional bacteria or mold may be intentionally introduced before or during the aging process to turn into soft ripened cheese (Brie and Camembert), blue cheese (Roquefort, Stilton, Gorgonzola) and rind-washed cheese (Limburger). Good bacteria means good cheese.

While we count on good bacteria to do its magic, sometimes the bad kind ends up on the cheese.

And in this day of food recalls – five recalls of cheese in November 2010 alone – food safety is top of mind for consumers.

How to help consumers feel more secure? Take a lesson from Port Townsend Food Co-op and Mt. Townsend Creamery, on the Olympic Peninsula in western Washington. Michael Vicha, head cheesemaker at the Creamery recorded several short video clips, each telling why a certain kind of cheese is unique.

Those videos were linked to QR Codes printed on “shelf talkers” so consumers could use their ever-handy smart phones to scan the codes and view the videos.

Expand that concept to include a quick tour of the cheese plant and your customers will know why each cheese is special, where it comes from, who made it, and how clean they keep their operation.

Do It Yourself for Retailers

How to apply this in real life?

  • Get out your video camera and record your cheesemaker describing the unique characteristics of each of his cheeses or visit the dairy/creamery and record a virtual tour.
  • Publish the videos on YouTube.
  • Use the YouTube links to make QR codes at QReateandTrack – one for each cheese. (A rich brown would be a nice color, don’t you think?)
  • Print “shelf talkers” with individual QR codes and install them.
  • Stand back and watch your customers learn more and buy more.

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Don't Squeeze the Melons!

QR Codes and Retail: Drive people from the printed piece to the web

If you have a second, I”d like you to imagine the following scenario:

It’s late summer and the melons are piled up in the produce section at the supermarket. You’re standing there – a cantaloupe in each hand. How

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If you’re one of the millions of adults with a handy-dandy smart phone tucked in your pocket or bag, you’re in luck. And chances are you are: 9 out of 10 adults in the US have at least one mobile device, and almost half of those are smart phones.

So how is your phone going to choose a melon for you? On the sign, there in the corner – see the code that resembles a checkerboard? That’s a QR code – a “real time hyperlink” to the Internet.

Scan that code with your phone, open the YouTube video it takes you to, and you’ll get instructions direct from experts.

Looking to Provide this Experience in your Retail Store?

If you are looking for ways to create a similar interactive experience for your customers, here is one way that you can do it:

  • Get out your mini-cam and record your “in-house” expert offering instructions on selecting the perfect melon.
  • Publish the video on YouTube.
  • Use the YouTube link to make a QR code label to add to your shelf or bin tag here at QReateandTrack. (Green is a nice color for the produce section, don’t you think?)
  • Stand back and watch your customers learn more and buy more.