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Integrating Print into the Marketing Mix

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On Saturday, June 9th, I will be delivering a presentation titled, “Tips On How To Integrate Print With Other Channels” in Foothills Ranch, California.

This event is for the CEO Peer Group, which is a part of Chadwick Consulting. During this presentation, I will provide best practices and inspiration for integrating print with channels such as:

  • Mobile – Including QR Codes, SMS/Text Messaging, NFC, and Lead Generation Campaigns.
  • Social Networks – How print can be used to drive traffic to your Facebook and Twitter pages; also, how social networks can be used to help you sell printing services!
  • Email – Tips on the best way to execute and measure cross-media efforts that utilize email and print together.
  • Your Website – Best practices for using direct mail and other printed materials to drive traffic to your corporate website.

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