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Business Transformation

Case Study: Goodway Group of Massachusetts

Goodway Group Logo

One of the companies profiled in Business Transformation: A New Path to Profit for the Printing Industry is Goodway Group of Massachusetts.

Now, you may say that I am biased because of their proximity to my hometown, but I swear that’s not it! I just truly think that they are an inspiring story.

In the book, I had the chance to devote a good amount of space to presenting the transformation that their business has gone through over the years. I was able to share the internal decisions and changes that happened inside their organization. Well, I am quite happy to say that during that time of transformation, Goodway Group found benefits with interlinkONE’s software.

Here is a sample of that part of the story:

Based in Burlington, Massachusetts (with sister locations near Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.), the Goodway Group has transformed over the past 15 years from a traditional offset printer into providing online collateral management, inventory management, and one-to-one multi-channel campaigns for clients. As an early adopter of black & white digital printing technology for producing variable content, the Goodway Group saw a natural progression to expand its services by adding digital color and leading variable data publishing technology.

The company provides these services to organizations in the pharmaceutical, automotive, and software industries that want to reduce printed inventory and have more effective marketing programs. interlinkONE is an integral enabler for Goodway Group to provide these services.

By using interlinkONE’s Web storefront and order management components, Goodway Group is able to handle a wide array of job types, from direct mail to complex kits that include promotional items and require multiple recipients. The company can also track inventory of all print and non-print items through the solution, as well as perform fulfillment functions necessary for complex orders. It has also been successful with providing multi-channel communication campaigns to clients by using personalized URLs, personalized e-mails, printed collateral, and up to nine different customer touchpoints through interlinkONE.

Qualified leads can be placed into different priority buckets, and hot leads are forwarded directly to a client’s salesperson for immediate follow-up. Noel Doherty, President and CEO of Goodway Group of Massachusetts, says that “Some campaigns have been so successful that the response has been too great for a client’s sales force to handle.”

The company also uses interlinkONE internally to manage its inventory and projects. From Doherty’s perspective, interlinkONE “just makes doing business simpler, and allows employees and customers from all over the country access information in real time.

Defining the Title of Marketing Services Provider

Throughout my book, Business Transformation: A New Path to Profit for the Printing Industry, I had the opportunity to provide case studies of companies that were traditionally considered printers, but that have transitioned their business to offer additional solutions to their clients. In some of these case studies, the companies have embraced being labeled as “marketing services providers” (MSP). However, there are others that have decided to stay away from that description. Within the entire print industry, I think that you’ll find a similar divide regarding that label. Some feel that the term MSP has no place; others have chosen to utilize it. But what does being an MSP actually mean? Over the next couple of weeks, I will seek to provide answers to many of the questions regarding the marketing services provider shift that are still currently out there. Whether you agree or not, I hope that you enjoy them!

Question: What does the title marketing service provider actually mean?

When I say that term, here is what I have in mind: A marketing services provider participates in the more lucrative and more profitable marketing value chain (including print and other channels) by providing an array of services related to the marketing process, from campaign inception to program execution. Marketing services providers also understand that to participate in the value chain, they must generate good data and relevant messaging via the right channel(s). Marketing services providers know that success links to the creation of one-to-one communications that are based on a deep understanding of the customer’s sales, and consultative skills) that will allow them to effectively develop solutions for efficient communications.












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Printers that Are Looking for a New Path to Profit

Recently, I had the chance to publish a book about a subject that I am quite passionate about — the printing industry!

There is no doubt that the worlds of marketing and communications are changing faster than at any point before in history. Channels such as mobile and social networks are increasingly playing a role in our our daily actions.

Is there still a place for print, mail, and fulfillment?

I think so! And in my book, “Business Transformation: A New Path to Profit for the Printing Industry“, I provide strategies, plans, and tactics for service providers to help them grow their business during these changing times.

What else can you find in my book? This video provides the answers: