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At the back of John Foley, Jr.’s books, we have a Glossary. Well, truth be told — we have a page for with “Glossary” as a heading. The actual terms that we wanted to list are not there.

However, thanks to the power of the web, we have a place to share our glossary terms with you. We hope that you find these helpful:

B-to-B Marketing

Business to Business Marketing

B-to-C Marketing

Business to Consumer Marketing


A coordinated series of marketing efforts; utilizes multiple channels that are all geared to accomplish a specific purpose.


The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 established the first United States standards for senders of commercial email. It designates the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as the enforcement body for this legislation. CAN-SPAM has many stipulations for commercial email senders including requiring them to use appropriate subject lines, provide a physical address of the sender, and offer recipients the ability to opt-out of future correspondence.

Cross-Media Marketing

Typically refers to marketing efforts that contain a coordinated effort to drive people through multiple medias. This may include direct mail, email, and the web.

Landing Page

A webpage that is typically used for a specific purpose — event registration, surveys, feedback, etc. People are usually directed to a landing page from a URL on a mailer, from a link in an email, from a banner ad, etc.

Media Types

Media Types identify how a company will reach out to their target audience in a campaign. This typically refers to items such as postcards, flyers, emails, and more.

Personalized URL/PURL

A URL that typically contains a piece of personalized information. The PURL usually leads to a personalized landing page.

QR Code

Stands for “Quick Response Code”. This is a 2d barcode that is often to used to make printed materials interactive.

Response Rate

The number of responses received from a mailing or other media; often expressed as a percentage of the total number mailed.

Response Tracking

Reporting that tracks when, how and from what channel a responder came from.


Variable Information Publishing or Variable Data Printing

Web to Print

Primarily used to refer to online ordering portals/storefronts that allow people to order printed items over the web; usually in a full, self-service manner.